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The material contained on this album is a musical tale straight from classic  ‘noir’  style.

This is a story of change from a girl to a self-confident young woman and great performing artist.

The classic vocals of Sasha Strunin and brilliant arrangements of Gary Guthman are a combination of Rhythm& Blues, Jazz and swing

with a modern sound. In fact, this is a musical spectacle, perfect for large concert halls to moody jazz clubs

Sasha Strunin - Vocalist

Filip Wojciechowski - Pianist

Pawel Panta - El. and Acoustic Bass

Paweł Dobrowolski - Drums

Michał Milczarek - Guitar

Marcin Kajper - Saxophone
Jacek Namysłowski - Trombone

Gary Guthman –  Trumpet/ Flugelhorn

All compositions and arrangements by Gary Guthman


“Woman In Black” song titles:

Woman In Black, Too Young To Know, Take Me Away, Don’t Hold Back, Forbidden Love, That’s Just How It Goes, Don’t Tell Me No!, A Fine Tango, Dangerous Blues, The Name Of My Game, You And I Are One


“Elegant swing pulse, old school arrangements, a sophisticated and sensual vocal!”  – JazzPress Magazine

“Sasha and Gary have created a great album – (and) good for dancing!” – Audio Magazine

“Brilliantly and affectively sung songs brilliantly with affective compositions. This is “Woman In Black” –  Playboy Magazine

 “Album “Woman In Black” joint swing and R&B with a modern sound”– Jazz Forum

 “This is definitely an album that has a chance to succeed abroad” – Pomerania Express


“Fingers crossed for the development of your career – everything is on the right track!”

- Ewa Strusińska (Principal Conductor - Szczecin Philharmonic Orchestra)

“Sasha, when you become a star. Remember, I am the one who conducted the first concerts of your participation”

– Sławomir Chrzanowski (Principal Conductor - Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra)

“Congratulations on your show on stage at the Łódź Philharmonic. It’s an honor have invited you”
- Tomasz Bęben
(Programming Director - Łódź Philharmonic Orchestra)

 “Thank you for your participation on Festival in Radziejowice.

I shared fully with the enthusiasm of the audience during your concert”

– Bogumił Mrówczyński ( Artistic Director - Radziejowice International Festival)

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