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Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra

A composition inspired by the sights and sounds of Spain, Italy, and the Open Seas.


Exploring  Spanish rhythms combined with modern latin-jazz harmonies, orchestrated to highlight every section of the orchestra with explosive syncopations and lightning speed string passages, the trumpet solo weaves its way through orchestral punctuations 

showing it’s flexibility, exquisite tone quality and passion.



Composed with the vision of Rome’s Trevi Fountain, the Italian vision is highlighted with a ballad. Lush 8-part harmonic strings, embracea melody that defines love and passion. The soloist expresses himself first with the mellow, french-horn like flugel horn, and in a delicate balance of taste and touch, finishes with the passionate voice only the voice of the trumpet can give.


The Guthman Trumpet Concerto concludes in the third movement as if it were speeding across the open seas, chasing an eclipse of the sun. Modernistic rhythms and harmonies embrace dynamic impact of scorching syncopations and fiery outlines of harmonic structures. Brass and percussion blaze as they underscore the breathless pace of the concerto’s finish. 



Vln.I, II / Viola / Cello / Double Bass

Flute I,II / Oboe I,II /  Clar. I,II /  Bs. I,II

French  Horn I, II, III, IV

Trumpet I, II, III / Trombones I, II, III / Tuba

Percussion I, II / Tympani

score & parts available at request

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