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The Traveler - suite for chamber ensemble

A Suite in eight movements, combine all characteristic elements of the philosophical interpretations, and collectively incorporate them specifically for each of three instruments, harp, cello, flute utilizing their own particular and characteristic techniques and abilities.
The vocalize utilizes all the skills and talents of the lyric soprano in a textual presentation.

For this project, I have chosen the lyric soprano to take the lead roll while the harp, cello and flute provide the underscore. Yet, the trio itself, being more than capable of carrying the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic production sans vocal, are given ample opportunity to provide sequential interludes in the lead role, all three instruments sharing in the exchange of melody, to harmony, to rhythm.


The story of this project is one of life’s journey, its passageway through space and time, as it guides the listener through a series of incremental steps, via ancient philosophy and interpretation of cosmic placement of the planets in our solar system. The eight movements, representing eight objective scenarios with an undercurrent of subjectivity, give an extremely wide berth with which to compose, for soprano soloist with trio accompaniment as well as the trio, as a complete ensemble in and of itself.


This particular ensemble of instruments and voice, although having a wide body of repertoire, is always looking for and ready to learn, rehearse and perform new works. Classical music, with its rich history, is a living art-form and for it to survive, must continue in modern day culture with new compositions.

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This project was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland