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Filip Wojciechowski - Piano/Keyboards
Pawel Panta - Acoustic/Electric Bass
Cezary Konrad  - Drums


All three of these talented performers, are world-class instrumentalists, soloists and composers.

The Solar Eclipse Project - 1 full year in the making. Inspired by the musical energy from around the world .

“Solar Eclipse” song titles:


Behind Closed Doors
A Sea Apart
Medicine Man

Di Trevi
The Liars Club

Gentlemen’s Playground

Sarah’s Waltz
Bajan Secret
David’s Dream
Solar Eclipse



"Have you ever heard a CD which like a scrumptious cake, gets better with each bite?  If not, then you want this album. It intrigues with each new note. It begins rather simply, in the spirit of early Chick Mangione and a toned-down Maynard Ferguson. 

Melodic themes evoke associations with earlier productions that at that time, weren't yet called fusion or smooth jazz. After time, these names stuck to jazz phrasing free of formality and stylistic braggadocio.


It can be said that Guthman eats bread baked from many ovens and this experience certainly impacts the quality of playing music so enthralling that it will satisfy scholars and at the same time so expressive that it can be recommended to jazz neophytes. "


- Jazz Forum Magazine

"The new CD from Gary Guthman «Solar Eclipse» is a nice surprise.
It seems like each new jazz trumpet album must try to mimic or at least to certain degree use some part of Miles Davis legacy. Countless examples are present, from critically acclaimed ECM albums from Tomasz Stanko and Enrique Rava, to commercially admired all over the world releases from Chris Botti. Gary Guthman's new CD is an exception from this rule.

Fresh, original and engaging music on «Solar Eclipse» goes beyond Miles and dig deeper into roots of jazz and often engages into new conversations. Before bop, cool, modal and jazz rock there was swing, and Guthman's CD once again proves, that you could never had enough of it, like there is never enough Harry James, who by the way, happens to be one of Guthman's idols.

Emerged in swing and anchored deeply into fundamental pillars of jazz art, «Solar Eclipse» is at the same time surprisingly fresh and contemporary. And again, like with Miles versus swing, Gutman takes a different path then countless contemporary jazz artists, staying away from typical smooth jazz licks, and focusing his attention on Latin and Cuban flavors. Similarly to Chuck Mangione and Maynard Ferguson, Guthman often uses the same Latin-Cuban “spices” Dizzy Gillespie was once known for.

And all of this with masterful command of his instruments evident both in up-tempo compositions as well as in couple beautiful ballads that are included on the CD.

It is worth to mention that all compositions on this album were masterfully crafted by Guthman himself, and hopefully with a little luck, they will find their way into repertoire of other musicians. Based on the quality of the work they definitely deserve it.

American born Guthman recorded this album in Poland and all accompanying him musicians are from Poland: Filip Wojciechowski – piano, Pawel Panta – bass, bass guitar and Cezary Konrad – drums.

All of them are superior musicians and they prove how skilful and talented Polish Jazz scene is right now.

The last but not the least thing about this album, is great work done by sound engineers Jan and Mateusz Smoczynski. It is especially evident on track «Bajan Secret» where with a little help of recoding studio magic Guthman's trumpet was transformed into the whole (at least) horn section.

Deeply rooted in jazz tradition, sophisticated but surprisingly easy to enjoy and engage, «Solar Eclipse» is without a doubt one of the most interesting jazz releases in last few years."

- Jazz Press America

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