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Letter From Warsaw


The Musical - a first of it’s kind!

Based on the true stories of discovering Poland and it’s relationship to the Jewish community.
Taking over two years to complete, Letter From Warsaw contains 21 new songs.

*  Book by American composer Gary Guthman

   and Polish Author Doman Nowakowski.

*  Music and lyrics by Gary Guthman

*  A Musical “Rock Opera” for 9 Lead Actors


The story that Gary Guthman and Doman Nowakowski created along with their music and lyrics is a quintessential work of a lifetime - and it couldn’t have been written about something more important than their beautiful Poland and its remarkable 1000-year relationship between Catholic Poles and Jewish Poles, unlike any place else in the world. Poland.

A country and its people who are rich in heritage, culture, heart and courage. A country brave enough to constitutionally and democratically protect Jews, give them autonomy and their own culture to flourish for 500 years. Jews themselves during this time called Poland a "Jewish Paradise”, while the rest of the world denied them this, their right to exist. Poland was indeed the Israel of the world for Jews for centuries.


"Letter from Warsaw” underscores the misunderstanding and division of these two great nations told through the experience of a Jewish family living in Brooklyn NY comprised of Holocaust survivor grandma Sarah, her daughter Hannah and Hannah’s son Abraham, who return to Poland and discover how history and tradition on both sides have all but been forgotten and replaced with propaganda and hidden truths, perpetuating centuries long suspicions of hate and distrust.


In the end ...they discover the REAL truth!

*  Theme of Jewish / Catholic relations

World Premiere - November 24, 2019 - Basen Artystyczny - Warsaw (Poland)



Granny Sara - Polish Jewish Holocaust survivor
Hannah - Sara’s daughter born in Warsaw 1945
Abey - Hannah’s son - born in Brooklyn NY 1980
Director - Theatre artistic director in Warsaw
Alice - Theatre director’s daughter
Marek - Jewish Ghetto Uprising Freedom fighter
Kazik - Polish freedom fighter
Young Sara - Warsaw Ghetto 1943
Misha - Theatre building owner before the war



2 keybords,

Bass Guitar,



Letter From Warsaw - demo
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